Franconia Ridge

Franconia Ridge

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Smoky Haze on Mount Waumbek

The weather forecast had the humidity starting to increase today. I was looking for a short hike and an early start. Mount Waumbek was the perfect choice and it was a short drive for me too. I would be taking the usual route up the Starr King Trail over Mount Starr King then across to Mount Waumbek.

Driving to the trailhead I could see the sky still had the smoky haze reportedly from the western forest fires. I was the third vehicle in the parking lot at about 6:30 AM so there were some hikers ahead of me. I was on the trail at 6:40.

While it felt cool at the parking lot it was soon apparent that the air was quite humid. While I made my way up to Starr King there was no breeze and the air was heavy. I arrived at the summit to some very hazy views. I didn't linger long and continued across to Waumbek. The air actually felt better along this one mile ridgeline. I met two hikers returning from Waumbek.

I reached the summit and continued on to the outlook and was greeted by the same hazy views. I could see the outline of the Presidential summits through the haze. This was my turn around point and I then started my hike back to Starr King.

The hiker traffic picked up and I started seeing many hikers, not suprising on this warm sunny day. It was a quick trip down to the parking lot. I made frequent stops along the way to photograph the many different varieties of mushrooms of all sizes, shapes and colors. It was good to get back to the parking lot as it was getting very warm and humid with no cooling breeze. I was glad to have gotten an early start as I am not a fan of hot and humid.

This was my 11th hike to Mount Waumbek for the grid. I have one more hike in September to complete the gridding out of this summit. For those not familiar with the grid, I will have hiked this summit in every month of the year. While this is not one of my favorite summits to hike it's always a good foul weather hike. It's a short, easy climb and well protected from the elements. I look forward to gridding out Mount Waumbek next month!

Enjoy the photos and video!

Hazy sky and valley fog just before turning into Starr King Road

A large fungus greets hikers near the trailhead parking lot

The hike begins here

This burl keeps watch over the Starr King Trail

Indian pipes

Lots of mushrooms along the trail

A mossy section of trail

Small ledge scramble just before the summit of Starr King

Starr King summit

The obligatory fireplace pic

Bluebead lily

Leaves are changing

Summit cairn on Mount Waumbek

Presidential summits through the haze

Hazy Mount Washington summit

< Going thataway <

Black mushroom

Round mushroom

Returning to Starr King

Hazy view from Mount Starr King

A look back at Mount Waumbek

A blob of fungus

Flat fungus

White Baneberry

Pool reflection

Back at the trailhead parking lot

Having Fun in the Great Outdoors!

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