Franconia Ridge

Franconia Ridge

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Walking on Top of The Imp

With a storm approaching I wanted to get a short hike in before the new snow falls. On Friday I went cross-country skiing at Dolly Copp campground and got a close-up photo of the Imp Profile. I thought it would be nice to hike to the top of the Imp and get a close-up photo of the spot at Dolly Copp where I took Friday's profile shot.

 The Imp from Dolly Copp Campground

 Dolly Copp Campground from the Imp

 Easy-over blowdown

It was an overcast morning with the sun occasionally trying to penetrate the cloud cover...without much success. The snow-capped high summits were in the clear, at least for the duration of my hike. The temperature hovered around the freezing mark and there was no wind.

 Little feet

 First ice on the trail

 Icy steps

 Arriving on top of the Imp

I arrived at the Imp Trail to find no cars at either the north or south trailheads. Checking the trail I found it to be well packed. The snowshoes stayed behind but the microspikes were in the pack.

 Sun trying to break through

 Mount Washington summit

 Wildcat ski slopes

There was not that much snow as expected so I bare booted about half way up. It was here that some small sections of ice took up the trail. I probably could have continued to bare boot it but I like the extra traction. I saw snowshoe tracks and thought that probably would have been more of an annoyance than helpful, glad I left mine behind today.

 Cloud over Carter Notch

Upper slopes of Wildcat

 View from the Imp

Top o' the Imp to myself

Even with the cloud cover the views from the Imp cliff were spectacular. I used my 50x zoom lens to take some photos of areas that could not be seen with my previous camera. Close-up shots of the summit of Mount Washington, Wildcat summit and base lodge and Dolly Copp campground.

 Entrance to the Mount Washington Auto Road

 Wildcat base area

 Walking down the ladder

A snack, some photos and I was ready to start my descent as a cool wind started blowing. I didn't take my microspikes off until I reached the same spot where I put them on. It was a quick trip back to the trailhead.

 Traction needed

Bugs were out

Imp Trailhead

A mild winter day, it felt good to spend a few hours outdoors in the fresh mountain air. There were no other hikers on the Imp Trail today. Trail conditions were great but will be changing after this next storm passes. Frigid temperatures and another snow storm predicted for later in the week should bring on full winter conditions for next weekend!

Panoramic view from the top of the Imp

Having Fun in the Great Outdoors!

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