Franconia Ridge

Franconia Ridge

Monday, September 3, 2018

Sweating and Gridding Out Mount Waumbek

Summits: Mount Starr King and Mount Waumbek
Trail route: Starr King Trail to Starr King and Waumbek
Trail conditions: Mostly dry trail with wet rocks and roots at the higher elevations
Weather: Warm with some humidity, cloudy skies and sunshine
Total miles: 7.2 RT
Total time: 3:50

Hike summary: With a warm and humid day in the forecast I was once again looking for a short hike and early start. Mount Waumbek was at the top of my list of hikes that I wanted to do in September. This hike would complete my goal of hiking this summit in every month of the year.

I got to the trailhead and was the second car to arrive. I was on the trail just after 6:00 AM. It was a very humid hike to the summit of Starr King that brought me up into a misty cloud cover. There would be no views today. A quick stop for a photo at the fireplace and I continued on to Waumbek.

It was actually a little cooler and definitely more tolerable hiking across the one mile ridgeline. This is actually one of my favorite sections of trail in the White Mountains. It felt and looked like this area had received some recent rain as it was very wet and water was dripping from the tree limbs. I was quite wet when I reached the summit of Mount Waumbek. I had the summit to myself.

A few pics and I started my hike back. I didn't see another hiker until I had passed back over Starr King and was making my descent. I had a good hike down and returned to the parking lot in under four hours which was my goal at the beginning of the hike.

Mount Waumbek is not my favorite summit but it was always a good foul-weather hike. The trail is well protected, it's a relatively short and an easy hike as well as a short drive for me. I have now hiked to this summit in every month of the year in a variety of trail and weather conditions to include heat, cold, rain, snow and ice. It's been fun and now on to gridding out 47 more summits!

Enjoy the photos!

 Early start to beat the heat and humidity

 Hiking up into the mist

 Short ledge before reaching the summit of Starr King

 Summit of Starr King

 Have now visited the fireplace on Starr King in every month of the year

 On my way to Waumbek

 Bluebead lily

 Tree full of Old Man's Beard

 My turn around point on Mount Waumbek

 A slug enjoying the warm and humid weather

 Mossy roots

 Returning to Starr King

 Common yarrow

Dead nettle

Starting my descent from Starr King

 Mushrooms are enjoying the weather

 Hiding in plain sight

 A heavy cloud cover made for a dark walk in the woods

 Moss covered log

 Trail starts to brighten up

 This burl makes a good seat

 Turkey tail mushrooms

 Funky fungi

A unique burl and one of my favorites

Always a nice reflecting pool

 Sun is coming out from behind the clouds

Passing by the stone foundation of the old spring

 Fungi design on the end of a log


It was another great day for mushrooms

I have now hiked Mount Waumbek in every month of the year

Having Fun in the Great Outdoors!

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