Franconia Ridge

Franconia Ridge

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Spectacular Morning on Mount Jackson

Summit: Mount Jackson
Trail route: Webster-Jackson Trail and Jackson Branch
Trail conditions: Mostly dry trail 
Weather: Cool start, bright blue sky and sunshine, warm descent
Total miles: 5.2 RT
Total time: 4:00

Today would be a short hike in the morning, my son had an afternoon soccer game. I needed Mount Jackson (4,052') for September and this would be the perfect short hike. The drive started out dark and foggy so I kept a vigilant watch for moose in the road. 

I was glad to see the parking area is open again across from the trailhead. It was closed this summer due to road construction in Crawford Notch. The last of the fog was dissipating as I started my hike. The air was cool and I started out in a fleece but that didn't last long. In less than a mile I was down to short sleeves and zipping off my pant legs.

I saw no other hikers on the way up and when I reached the summit I had it to myself! There was a crystal clear blue sky with bright sunshine. Off on the horizon there were high clouds and there was an undercast in the distance. Views were spectacular!

I wasn't there long before another hiker arrived at the summit coming south from Mount Pierce. The hiker's name was Mary and she asked me if I would take her photo as this was her #48 and final summit of the 4,000 footers. We chatted for a few minutes then departed the summit in different directions.

As I began my descent there was a steady stream of hikers coming up to the summit. This stream of hikers continued for my entire hike back to the trailhead on Route 302. I was glad to have gotten an early start for the cool air and no other hikers. Certainly a stark contrast on the way down with many hikers and it was getting very warm.

It was a spectacular day! I've now done this summit in 11 different months of the year. I'll be back in January for my 12th month which will grid out Mount Jackson for me!

Enjoy the photos and video!

 Presidential summits just before sunrise

 Mount Jackson

 Arriving at the trailhead

Fog clearing and sunshine above

 The hike starts here

 Water crossing

 Tree swallowing a rock

 Another hike with lots of mushrooms along the way

 Bog bridges

 Arriving at the summit with spectacular views

 Mount Pierce

 Mount Eisenhower

 Hiker at the Eisenhower summit cairn

 Mount Washington summit

Undercast and clouds in the distance


 Willey, Field and Tom

 Mount Carrigain

 Carrigain summit tower

 Mount Washington Hotel far below

Mount Chocorua and the Sisters

 Starting my descent

 A final view before dropping into the treeline

Back at the trailhead on Route 302

A beautiful shot of the Presidentials on my drive home

Having Fun in the Great Outdoors!

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