Franconia Ridge

Franconia Ridge

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Loop Hike to Adams and Madison

The weather forecast was looking good for a midweek hike. I would be joining Jill and Mark for a hike to Mount Adams (5,774') and Mount Madison (5,367"). Our route would take us up the Air Line trail across Durand Ridge and then the boulder hop to the summit of Mount Adams. We would then descend to Madison Hut and up to the summit of Mount Madison on the Osgood Trail. Our descent would take us down the Valley Way trail completing the loop.

It was a cool morning but not cold. We met at the Appalachia trailhead and were soon on our way up the Air Line trail. We emerged from the treeline onto Durand Ridge with spectacular views into King Ravine and a beautiful partial undercast beyond. Crag Camp could be seen on the other side of the ravine. There were a few wispy clouds encircling the summit of Mount Adams and there were very high thin clouds that did not affect the views.

As we got closer to the summit of Mount Adams the clouds completely cleared. The air was cool and there was a moderate breeze blowing but not bad at all for this altitude. There was one hiker on the summit when we arrived. It was 11:30 and he told us that he had to be at work at 12:00. He was going to be late today.

On our way down to Madison Hut we met several other hikers on their way up to Adams. The hut is closed for the season and we dropped our packs for the ascent on Mount Madison. I initially almost felt like I was floating without the pack on my back. It felt good to go up Madison without the pack. We were met at the summit with the same cool breeze. We got the customary photos then began our descent to Madison Hut. It was all downhill from here.

Back at the hut we put our packs back on and continued our descent. We had seen only one other hiker coming up Madison. He passed us on Valley Way on the way down.  We had to watch our footing in the slippery wet leaves, it's that time of year. When we got to Snyder Brook there was not much water flowing even with the recent rain.

Back at the trailhead parking lot there were very few cars and it doesn't appear there were very many hikers out today. It's been a very warm and humid Fall so today's cool weather felt great. While there was still some color to the foliage it was definitely past peak. It was an awesome day to be out hiking with Jill and Mark. We had a lot of fun hiking these two summits!

Enjoy the photos!


 The hike starts here

 We bypassed the smooth ledge

 Mossy forest

 Mount Sam Adams

 We kept going

 Emerging from treeline


 Looking up to where we're going

 Looking down at some undercast

 Wispy clouds on Mount Adams

 Crag Camp

 Crag Camp on the other side of King Ravine

Mount Adams summit in the clouds

 Trail skirts the edge of King Ravine

 Heading up toward the sky

Mark capturing the view

 Durand Ridge

 King Ravine

 Moving up for a look into King Ravine

 On the edge of King Ravine

 Mark flying the flag over Mount Adams

 Jill coming up to the summit of Mount Adams

 Mount Washington and the Great Gulf below

 Mount Washington summit from Mount Adams

 Mount Jefferson

 The Mount Washington auto road

 There was lots of glider action today

 Taking a break on Mount Adams

 Mount Adams summit shot

 On our way down to Madison Hut then up to Mount Madison

 Mount Madison

 Glider about to be released

 Glider soars high above us

A brief break at Madison Hut

 Mount Washington from the Osgood Trail

 Found some berries

 Mark flying the flag over Mount Madison

Summit signs on Mount Madison

 Looking back at Mount Adams

 Mount Washington in the distance

 A glider over by the Carters

 Star Lake needs some water

 Descending Mount Madison

Flowers still blooming

 Going down Valley Way

 Snyder Brook

End of the hike and the loop is complete

Having Fun in the Great Outdoors!

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