Franconia Ridge

Franconia Ridge

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Mount Tecumseh From Tripoli Road

The forecast was for less than optimal weather today with cloudy skies and snow showers. I would be hiking with fellow hikers Henry and Jill to Mount Tecumseh (4,003'). Henry was bringing along a four-legged friend named Roxie. Our route would take us up the Mount Tecumseh Trail from Tripoli Road. Come to find out none of us had hiked to Tecumseh from this side. This would be a round trip hike of 6.2 miles.

Henry was following GPS directions from Jill and was a little late getting to the trailhead. He arrived about 8:30 and we were on the trail around 8:45. Roxie was eager to get going and took the lead. There were a couple of minor water crossings along the beginning of the trail. After that it was a gradual climb for most of the way. There was light snow falling but not sticking on the ground. The trail dropped down into a col before the final ascent to the summit that got a little steeper. There was a short section of trail that had a small insignificant accumulation of snow from a previous storm and was no problem.

Up on the summit there were no views as we expected. A brisk, cool breeze was blowing and we stayed for a short break before beginning our descent. The couple of restricted views on the way down were very restricted today as in completely obscured by clouds. Just before reaching the parking lot the light snow turned to light rain.

Even though it's just a little bit longer I enjoyed hiking from this side of Tecumseh. It will probably be my preference when hiking this mountain again. Tripoli Road is closing soon for the season and I will have to hike up from the other end of the trail at Waterville Valley during the winter months. The hike today took us 3:27. Roxie did a lot longer hike than the rest of us as she was all over the place, running up ahead then back and all out through the woods having a great time. It was a short hike and a nice walk in the woods to the top of a mountain. Thanks Jill, Henry and Roxie for a fun hike!

Not a day for picturesque views but did manage to capture a few shots from the hike.

 Henry and Roxie crossing the water

 Big snowflake on a maple leaf

 Not sure what this cairn is doing here

 Still finding mushrooms along the trail

 Short section of trail with snow on it

 Going up into a misty forest

 The summit is right up ahead

 Roxie posing at the summit

 Summit cairn

 No views from the summit

 3.1 miles back to the parking lot

 Henry and Roxie setting a good pace on the way down

Jill coming up over the last steep section of trail for the day

Mossy log

Big boulder covered in moss

This blowdown is hanging precariously across the trail

Back at the trailhead after 6.2 miles

Having Fun in the Great Outdoors!


  1. That big cairn makes more sense when there is a snow pack. The woods are pretty open, and I think an old logging road goes straight where the trails turns left (on the ascent). Nice report!