Franconia Ridge

Franconia Ridge

Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Beautiful Day on Wildcat A

Weather reports this past week were forecasting showers and thunderstorms all weekend. I made no firm plans to go hiking. I woke up to heavy fog this morning but a drive up to the Milan fire tower brought me into blue sky and cool temps. It looked to be a fantastic day of weather on the way. I decided to go on a hike to Wildcat A (4,422') via Nineteen Mile Brook Trail and up Wildcat Ridge Trail.

 Nineteen Mile Brook

 Reflecting pool

 New bridge being constructed on the Nineteen Mile Brook Trail

Walking the plank

It was a late start and I got to the trailhead at 11:30. There's an advantage getting to a crowded parking lot late, some hikers had already left and there was a good parking spot waiting for me. Once on the trail and in the woods it was a nice cool walk along Nineteen Mile Brook. I passed the trail junction to Carter Dome and kept going. There were many hikers coming down from Carter Notch.

 Wildcat A

Mushroom in the middle of the trail

When I got to the Wildcat Ridge Trail it was time for a short break. There were several hikers that passed by me during my break on their way to Wildcat A. I started the final ascent to the summit and met several hikers on their way down. It was busy on the trail today as I expected. The weather today turned out to be spectacular with temps in the 70's and fair weather cumulus clouds passing overhead.

Summit cairn in Wildcat A

View across Carter Notch to Carter Dome

Fair weather clouds over Carter Dome

I reached the top of Wildcat A and got a quick photo of the summit cairn just off the main trail. There was a small crowd of hikers on the outlook but I managed to find a spot where I could eat lunch and enjoy the views. It was comfortably cool with just a wisp of a breeze and it felt great! As one group of hikers were leaving another group arrived. This second group of hikers only stayed briefly and I had the outlook to myself.

Relaxing on Wildcat A

Carter Lake and Carter Notch Hut far below

After lunch, photos and a nice cool-down it was time to begin my descent. I passed both groups of hikers on the Wildcat Ridge trail during my trip down. Except for a few more pics it was a non-stop hike back to the trailhead parking lot.

Family of fungi

Back at the trailhead

It was 5:00 when I got back to my vehicle and it felt great to have been out on the trail after thinking this would be a hikeless weekend. Today turned out to be a perfect day for a hike!

Having Fun in the Great Outdoors!


  1. Great blog! I need the Wildcats and my tentative plans are to ascend via the 19 Mile Brook trail and across and down the Wildcats Ridge trail!

    1. Thanks...and that's a good way to do the Cats!