Franconia Ridge

Franconia Ridge

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Perfect Afternoon of Skiing and Riding

The snow along the route to Bretton Woods is quickly fading. There is a couple of lingering inches from this past week's snowstorms. But it's that time of year when new snow doesn't have a long life expectancy. So it was with hopeful anticipation that the ski slopes were high enough in elevation to have kept any snow that had fallen.

Upon arriving the first order of business was finding a parking spot, hopefully close to the lodge as we would be changing from skis to snowboards after a couple of hours. Just so happened that a car was pulling out of a parking spot in the exact location I was looking for. After a quick change we were off to get a lift ticket, pit stop and then time to snap in and ride up.

Jumped on the Zephyr Quad with the plan being to ski across to Fabyan's Triple only to find that lift was not operating today. No problem, we skied back down to the Zephyr and stayed on the west side of the mountain for a number of runs before moving over to Mt. Rosebrook. The best skiing was found in the shaded portion of the slope next to the woods, nice powder! Conditions overall were varied from a few skied off areas, ice, soft sticky mashed potatoes to ungroomed powder. The conditions were much better than I thought they would be and the weather was fantastic - 40's, crystal clear blue sky, and no wind! Only light clothing was needed.


At 2:30 we switched to snowboard mode. After a few more runs it was time to call it a day. But I have to admit it was one of those days in your life that you wish didn't have to end.  

On the ride home we noticed a lot of melting had taken place this afternoon and where there was snow cover early in the day bare fields of grass were left behind in one of the waning days of Winter. Having turned the clocks ahead it was a nice sunny drive and the perfect ending to a memorable day on the slopes!

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