Franconia Ridge

Franconia Ridge

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Late Winter Skiing at Bretton Woods

It's always a dilemma before I leave for the slopes - skiing or snowboarding. Today it's skiing. On the drive over today I found signs of an early Spring/mud season. Sparse snow and bare fields were seen along the route to Bretton Woods.

Upon arriving I got a very close parking spot right in front of the lodge (another sign of Spring). To be fair, someone pulled out and I grabbed it. After a short walk to the ticket window and the usual pit stop it was time to snap in and head up. This is when I discoverd one of the high speed quad chairlifts was down for repairs. So it was over to the slow double chair, but no line, and then a short ski over to the slow triple chair, again no line. After finally arriving almost at the top it was time to navigate over to the Rosebrook quad. Now I was at the top of the mountain and greeted by a warning of thin cover, variable and ungroomed conditions.

This way -> to the FUN!

Well, I like a challenge and off I went with a detour through the Black Forest glade. Wow, was that skied off! It was up the chair again and down the length of Two Miles Home. Not too bad until I reached the bottom where it was pretty much worn down to ice.

Beginning a schuss down Two Miles Home 

Snow conditions were not as good as I thought they might be, through no fault of the groomers. The crews have done an outstanding job this Winter with what little snow has fallen and most times followed by rain. The cloud cover today was actually a plus or there would have been a lot more melting going on.

Snow showers on the way home!

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