Franconia Ridge

Franconia Ridge

Monday, June 2, 2014

Spectacular Day on Mount Eisenhower

I took today off from work in hopes the weather would cooperate for a hike, and did it ever! Higher summits forecast this morning reported there would be the warmest temperatures so far this year. I wanted to get above treeline and chose Mount Eisenhower via the Edmands Path. It turned out to be an ideal day for a great hike!

Blue sky and Presidentials

Mount Washington Hotel

Edmands PathTrailhead


It was a beautiful drive to the trailhead with some very high thin clouds and lots of blue sky over exposed summits. There was one vehicle in the parking lot when I arrived. As I was putting on my pack I fully expected to be swarmed with flying, biting insects on this warm morning, there were none and that lasted for the entire hike.

Vernal pool reflection

Trying to hide

Another blowdown

And another blowdown

The air was cool in the forest and it felt good. The trail was wet and muddy for a stretch but very manageable. There were also a number of blowdowns that I either went around or under. Climbing higher there was some remaining ice on a small cascading waterfall. In a couple of spots where the sun doesn't touch I found a very small amount of snow. There was one remaining remnant of monorail in the trail about eight feet long...not a problem.

Last of the ice

Mount Washington Hotel from the Edmands Path

First view of Mount Washington from the trail

As I was about to come out onto the exposed trail making my way above treeline the sunscreen was applied. It was also time for a short-sleeved shirt as the sun was very warm and there was little to no breeze. The views toward the northern Presidentials were fantastic from this section of trail!

I reached the trail junction of the Crawford Path and made my turn to start the last climb to the summit. It's a beautiful path to the top with views opening up all around as I get closer. At the summit cairn I drop my pack and poles and take in the scenery. There is a slight breeze that wicks away the perspiration as the warm sun beats down on me.

Cog railway from Edmands Path

Stairway to heaven

Standing on the summit

A view to the south

First order of business was to get my usual panoramic video and I had the summit to myself. I then took several photos, got a bite to eat and relaxed for a few minutes before starting my descent.

As I made my way down the trail I noticed one Alpine flower blooming and that was the Lapland Rosebay. Didn't see any other flowers in the alpine zone but it's probably a bit earlier and winter was rather long this year.

Mount Washington summit

Lapland Rosebay

There was one hiker at the trail junction. I saw a total of seven hikers today but it was a weekday and I'm sure this is a popular and crowded trail on the weekend. The temperature was getting very warm as I continued my descent, actually it was bordering on very hot. I was well hydrated and I kept up a good pace despite the heat. I'm no fan of hot weather but after the extended cold of this past winter I can get used to it because warm temps sure don't last long in this neck of the woods.

Mount Eisenhower peak

Back at the parking lot I once again expected to be swarmed with flying teeth but there were no insects, or I just wasn't the flavor of the day. I've got a feeling that won't last for long.

It was a rare treat on the summit of Mount Eisenhower today. With a taste of summer in the air I had an awesome hike with fantastic views and it was a  nice break from a day at the office!

Spider hovers over a Painted Trillium

Panoramic view from the summit of Mount Eisenhower

Having Fun in the Great Outdoors!

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