Franconia Ridge

Franconia Ridge

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Annual Beach Party at Bretton Woods

With gray skies, above-freezing temps and sloshing through thawed puddles of water it was hard to get motivated for a day of skiing and riding. We loaded up the vehicle and set out for Bretton Woods hoping the day would improve. The summits were covered with low clouds on the drive to Bretton Woods. But the sky cleared as we pulled into the parking area with lots of warm sunshine!

Summits covered in low clouds

Clouds clearing

Mount Washington summit briefly in the clear

With one parking lot closed and lots of people enjoying a day on the slopes it was difficult to find a decent parking spot. I'm not a fan of long walks in my ski boots, especially through sand and mud. A few trips around the parking area in front of the lodge paid off when someone left and I got a prime parking spot.

Enjoying the sunshine!

Mount Washington

Riding through the Wild West glade

We got our lift tickets, $25 if wearing beach attire, and made our way to the nearest chairlift. The first thing that was very noticeable was the the soft, sticky snow, emphasis on sticky! It made skiing and riding very difficult and the trick was to stay on the shady side of the trail but even that didn't work as the sun warmed up this snow too. The legs got a good workout in these conditions.

Crowd gathers at the slush pool

"Evel Knievel" successfully skims the slush pool!

After several runs we made our way over to the slush pool event. It was fun to watch the participants and even tempting to make a run at it but better judgement prevailed. Most of the skiers and riders made it across the pool, appears they've done this before. There were a few that got an icy bath!

Watching the slush pool event

Clouds moving back over the summits.

A few more runs from the summit and we called it a day. Clouds were starting to roll in from the next approaching storm. After a dreary, languishing start to the day we were both glad to have gotten out and enjoyed a beautiful, sunny day of skiing and riding!

Some of the Slush Pool Participants

Having Fun in the Great Outdoors!

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