Franconia Ridge

Franconia Ridge

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Enjoying the Slopes at Attitash and Bear Peak

It's school vacation week, so with son Brandon and his friend we headed to Attitash for some weekday skiing and riding. Temps were cold and the sky was gray but the sun managed to show itself through a persistent overcast.

 A diffused sun over Bear Peak

 Bear Peak slopes

I prefer parking at the Bear Peak parking lot, it's closer to the lodge and no roads to cross. There was plenty of available parking, one of the benefits of midweek skiing. It was very icy in the parking area and made for an interesting walk in ski boots. The thought that went through my mind was, "I went skiing and broke my the parking lot".

We hopped on the Flying Bear Quad for a ride to the summit of Bear Peak. After a few runs down we made our way over to Attitash. The trail conditions were groomed frozen granular with occasional patches of ice. It made for some very fast runs.

 No one reads this

 Planning a run on the terrain park jumps

Going back to Bear Peak requires using a short trail called Bear Notch Pass. This short connector gets a lot of use and there was some serious boilerplate on here. Both boys were unable to catch an edge and went down hard on their rear end at the same time. I was behind them and was also unable to get an edge but pointed my skis downhill schussing down and across the bridge at the bottom.

We continued on over to Bear Peak and started noticing people walking up the trail carrying their skis. Someone told me the lift was down. Sure enough the Flying Bear Quad was down for some kind of maintenance or repair. This was a good time for lunch in hopes that it would be up and going when we were done eating. So we took a break, ate lunch and were deciding whether to take the shuttle or drive back over to Attitash. As we walked to the shuttle it was announced the lift was back in operation. Good timing!

 Another terrain park!

Last run of the day

We made several more runs down Bear Peak. Riding up on the high speed quad and not having to wait in a lift line meant a lot of skiing and snowboarding. A cloudy day obscured the spectacular views normally seen from the Attitash slopes but the trails were in great shape, there were no crowds and it sure beat a day at the office!

A quick run through the woods

Having Fun in the Great Outdoors!

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