Franconia Ridge

Franconia Ridge

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Snowy Sunday Morning on Waumbek

Weather forecast called for snow showers and it was snowing when I left for the trailhead this morning. Roads were slippery and summits were in the clouds on the drive to my hike today. I chose a hike with limited vistas knowing there wouldn't be much in the way of views so it was the Starr King Trail to Mount Starr King and Mount Waumbek for a Winter 4,000 footer.

 The only mountain view of the day

 Starr King Trailhead


There were three other vehicles at the summer parking lot. This past week while driving through Jefferson, NH I noticed little to no snow on the ground and there is only a thin cover now. I took the microspikes but the snowshoes stayed behind.

 "Leaner" over the trail

Steady snow falling at the Mount Starr King fireplace

The trail started as an easy bareboot but I put on the spikes after hitting some patches of ice hidden under thin snow cover. They stayed on for the duration of the hike just as a safety precaution and to keep a steady pace. There were a couple of good ice flows further up, other than that the trail could have easily been barebooted. The snowshoes were definitely not needed.

 And here is today's..."view"!

Trail continues to Mount Waumbek

The snow was falling moderately as I reached the fireplace on Mount Starr King. I took the customary photo as well as a few more of the non-views and continued on to Mount Waumbek.

 Mount Waumbek summit

Trail ice

It was an easy trek over to Mount Waumbek with the snow conditions remaining consistent without much change from the rest of the trail. The snow hung heavy on the trees and I snapped some more photos. I didn't stay long and was soon making my descent back to the parking lot.

 Ice flow on the trail

 Snowy tree trunk

On the way down there were many hikers making their way up. Seems this was a popular hike on a snowy day. Reaching the trailhead I could see that the amount of vehicles reflected the many hikers I had seen.

 Trailhead in sight

 A valley view

The only sun seen today on the drive home

While this was not a day for spectacular, breath-taking, panoramic views it was definitely a nice day for a snowy walk in the woods!

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