Franconia Ridge

Franconia Ridge

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blue-Sky Day on Mount Kearsarge North

We've had a great stretch of Spring weather this past week and this was another blue-sky day. It was a good day for a hike to Mount Kearsarge North and its 360 degree views. The trailhead parking had room for a couple of more vehicles. Didn't look like there would be many people on the this trail today. I threw on my pack and was on my way along the Mount Kearsarge North trail.
Kearsarge Brook

Big blowdown!

First view

Mount Cranmore

It was a nice warm day but the air was cool as I moved through the forest. I took a quick side trail down to Kearsarge Brook and snapped a photo then returned to the main trail continuing my ascent.

View from ledges

Ice hiding from the sun

Icy trail begins

Mount Washington

I saw two hikers and two dogs before reaching the ledges. This would be the the only hikers I would see on the ascent. It wasn't long from the top of the ledges before the trail ice started. This was easy to navigate over and around so the microspikes never went on although it did slow my pace down just a bit.

Mount Chocorua, The Moats, White Horse and Cathedral Ledges

Black Cap and Cranmore

Northeast view into Maine

Northeast view
The ice ends just before reaching the summit ledges. I saw two more hikers at the summit and two more in the fire tower. Make that three in the tower, there was an infant that was maybe a couple of months old.

Mount Washington

A sunny spot on the summit

Southwest view

They have been doing a lot of work on the tower replacing the wood on the lower supporting structure. The tower is a great vantage point for photos, there is unobstructed views in every direction. This has to be a great place to watch a full moon rise!

Mount Washington framed in pine

Summit fire tower


A shady spot

After a snack and some photos I started my descent. A little more caution is required when walking down over packed snow and ice. I made it through the icy spots unscathed. There was just a little water running down over the upper ledges that was easy to cross. It was smooth sailing after that.

Deep blue sky

I came up on two couples and three dogs. There were two very large dogs and one small dog. The small dog was carrying a pack. I jokingly said, "Yea, make the little guy do all the work"! They said he had lots of energy and enjoyed it. I could see that.

Northern view

Summit signpost

During the entire hike I probably saw about fifteen hikers. I anticipated there being many more hikers than this and was surprised at so few. Weather was perfect, it was a Sunday, and the trail is close to town. But people must have been off doing other things or hiking other trails. I'm not complaining.

Starting my descent

Northwest view
Talking with other hikers it seems there is still a lot of snow on other trails throughout the White Mountains. I'll be checking the trail reports over the next couple of weeks and carefully choosing my hikes. There's something about having to carry snowshoes in warm weather that doesn't appeal to me. I'd like to get back on track with continuing my trek of the 4,000 footers. The beauty of living next to the White Mountains is that they will be right there when I'm ready.

Watching my step through here

Back at the trailhead it was very warm. The parking area must have been full at some point, there were cars parked along the side of the road. This was the perfect hike for a perfect day of weather.

Having Fun in the Great Outdoors!

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