Franconia Ridge

Franconia Ridge

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mount Eisenhower via Edmands Path

We've had a great run of fine weather here in the Northeast and today was no exception. So my little hiking buddy and I decided to add another 4,000 footer to our list. We ascended Mount Eisenhower (4,760 ft.) on the Edmands Path. This is a great hiking trail with an easy, moderate grade that leads to a Presidential summit offering fantastic views. There were many photos to be taken so enjoy!

First brook crossing

First view

Mount Washington Hotel

The parking lot was almost full with some cars parked on Mt. Clinton Road but we managed to find some space at the far end. Upon exiting the vehicle we were met by a not-so-nice swarm of black flies. We moved out onto the trail and as long as we kept moving the bugs were tolerable. The trail was quite level and we soon crossed a bridge over a small brook. Continuing on there were several blowdowns that were easy to cross over.

Into the Alpine Zone

Eisenhower Loop Junction

Final push to the summit

It would be difficult to pinpoint where the trail starts gaining significant elevation because there are no real steep pitches. The trail was in excellent condition with some minor wet areas but no mud to speak of. Getting closer to treeline occassional views were beginning to appear and the trail was actually leveling out again. As the trees got smaller a mountain scenic vista opened up and it just kept getting better the further we went.

On the summit

Summit cairn

There were many people on the trail today and approaching the Mt. Eisenhower Loop junction they were coming from everywhere. The dogs were also out in force but all were well behaved. One final push to the top and we reached the large cairn on the summit. The air was cool with a nice breeze blowing. It was actually a little too cool. We were faced with a slight dilemma, stand out in the cool breeze or stand behind the cairn that blocked the breeze but brought out hordes of flying insects. We grabbed a quick bite to eat, took some photos and made our way back down to a warmer spot.

Back down at the trail junction we made our way out to a nearby ledge where we finished lunch. It was warm and the bugs were tolerable. We didn't stay long and we were back on the trail again. I usually like doing a loop hike, this one was up and back on the same trail. What I noticed was there were things that I missed on the way up that I saw on the way down, specifically, a different perspective on the scenic views.


...another blowdown

...and another blowdown

...and another

...and one last blowdown

End of trail and a great hike!

It was a pleasant trip down. Back at the parking lot we were met by the same swarm of insects. We quickly unloaded, jumped in the truck and were on our way down the road. I am going to add the Edmands Path to my favorite hiking trails list.

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