Franconia Ridge

Franconia Ridge

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Boott Spur to Boott Spur Link

The weather forecast called for a beautiful day, temps in the 70's and plenty of sun. It turned out to be just that! After a couple of lazy weekends and a wrenched back this past Friday I was ready to hit the hiking trail. The first pair of hikers I was following were carrying skis!? I asked them if they knew there wasn't much snow left, they seemed to think there was enough. That's a lot of work for some very short-lived "pleasure". I didn't realize how little snow there was until I gained some elevation and got a good look into Tuckerman Ravine.

Crystal Cascade

Boott Spur Junction

As I was taking a photo of the Boott Spur Trail sign I heard a "Yoo-Hoo"! It was a hiker that was apparently happy to be hiking the Tuckerman Ravine Trail for the first time. He said he had hiked up the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail but never hiked this side of the mountain. I thought it was a little early for a "Yoo-Hoo", it would certainly be required later on up the trail.

Log ladder looking up

Log ladder looking down


I started on the Boott Spur Trail and a trio of hikers followed, I let them pass by. I thought they would be faster than me but I was not too far behind. I soon came upon a log ladder that was built on a particularly steep ledge that made for an easy climb over this part of the trail. But there would be plenty more steep, rocky ledges on this trail that had no ladders. I passed the trio of hikers and never saw them again.

Was able to get some shots of the half-moon over the Presidentials - very nice! I reached the outlook known as Harvard Rock. It provides a great view into Tuckerman Ravine. Some more photos and I was on my way. As I left the treeline behind and headed out into the open I thought maybe the bugs would be left behind - no such luck. As long as I kept moving there was no problem but a momentary pause soon found me covered with flying, biting insects. So I kept moving.


Met hikers going up to ski this snow!

Harvard Rock Outlook

Next stop was Split Rock. Got a photo with me attempting to push them apart - not going to happen. The bugs were keeping me company so I was off again. There was some steep pitches on the trail as I gained more elevation but soon I arrived at the trail junction of Boott Spur Link Trail. My plan was to descend this trail to Hermit Lake then down the Tuckerman Ravine Trail back to Pinkham Notch. I had a snack and then it was all downhill from here.

Emerging from treeline

Split Rock now has a wider gap!

View toward Jackson, NH

Looking back at the Boott Spur Trail

WOW - was it downhill! This is a very steep trail and I was glad to be going down and not up. I took it slow and easy, every step was carefully calculated. It would not be hard to injure a leg or ankle going down this trail. The Boott Spur Link Trail is 0.6 mi. and I found it very...interesting. I might add that I met no one on this trail.

Boott Spur and Boott Spur Link Junction

Hermit Lake

Looking down Boott Spur Link

Another look down Boott Spur Link

At the bottom of Boott Spur Link is Hermit Lake. I sat in the shade on the porch of the caretaker cabin and relaxed with a snack. There was a cool breeze blowing and the best part - no bugs! Relaxed and cooled off it was time for me to complete the loop so I jumped onto the Tuckerman Ravine Trail heading back down to Pinkham Notch. Among the hikers heading up were another pair of skiers. I recommended they hurry or that last patch of snow would be gone.

Vertical Alpine bloom on the side of a boulder

Looking up Boott Spur Link Trail

Still going down Boott Spur Link Trail

It was a stellar day with fantastic weather and a great hike that provided outstanding scenic views!

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