Franconia Ridge

Franconia Ridge

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kayaking on the Androscoggin

It seemed like the perfect afternoon to get the kayak wet...and it was! A quick drive over to Route 16, up past the Pontook Dam and I found a nice spot to launch the kayak. There was a nice breeze blowing with temps in the 70's.

Ready for launch
Catching some sun
 A couple of people were fishing and I moved to a spot that would not bother them. I was soon out into the river and paddling north. Up around the bend I met two other kayakers that were heading south. There was an opening that led to a small body of water and I went in to explore, seemed like a good place to spot a moose. It didn't take long to cover this area but no moose.

Quiet cove

Gliding along the riverbank
I came back out into the main part of the river and paddled south back toward the launch site. During the paddle back I kept close to the opposite shoreline. Around a bend and standing on an island were three Canadien geese. I gave them their space and didn't get too close. Traveling a bit further I found a dead animal carcass floating in the water, not quite sure what it was. Looked like maybe a small moose.

Canadian geese

Floater...a dead somethin' or other
Continuing on I looked across to the mountains in the distance and noticed they are now lined with wind turbines. I sure hope the wind power hype offsets the visual and environmental impact. Don't know who benefits from these particular wind turbines.

Wind turbines

I was soon back at the launch site, loaded up my kayak and it was a short ride home.

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